6 Reasons Why you should Consider Eating at MIS

We make countless decisions a day, right when we wake up to the time we hit our beds. What clothes to wear? What meal to eat? Plans at work? You are definitely getting the picture. A few researchers claim that ‘Decision Making’ involves emotions, feelings, both rational-irrational and a little determination to make one.

So here is our share to help you make up your decision for a meal atleast as to why you should consider eating at MIS.

Reason 1: We serve fermented batter and follow wet grinding concept which enhances the nutrient value, increases digestion and nourishes every bite you eat.

It’s a traditional method that is followed by various cultures. Our batter follows a 8-10 hour procedure before it becomes fit to be served to our customers. The batter preparation involves soaking urad dal and rice separately for a few hours and after a few rinses, it is blended together in a grinder and is left to ferment for another 6-7 hours in the right temperature and is finally used for the dish.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.29.13 PM

This process comes with various benefits such as natural preservatives and fortification of food. Fermentation process increases the bio-availablity of proteins and minerals (folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, biotin, Vitamin K, Vitamin B) in food. The process not only assimilates but also the micro-organisms help in breaking down the complex carbohydrates, fats and protein to simple substances making it easily absorbable by the body aiding in easy digestion, weight loss.
Hence including a wide variety of favourite fermented food in your daily diet in an era of of improper diets and unhealthy lifestyle, can help replenishing the micro nutrients in your body and many more.

Reason 2: Free from extra-rich ingredients and fatty substances, making it light on your stomach.

We (MIS) have a repeat rate of 85% of our customer base and 70% eat with us not only on a daily basis but meal-to-meal basis. This is purely because of the kind of food we serve as the founder of MIS Prema Jayakumar rightly says, “We serve home food and not hotel food”. MIS focuses on making their products with only necessary ingredients, giving it a taste that will remind you of home. We do not eat rich-food with high fatty or excess substances (Such as Ghee, nuts, butter, oil) on a daily basis at home, but instead we consume quality, healthy, tasty food prepared with love by our loved ones making it light on your stomach. Not just making it edible for one meal but even three times a day, 365 days a week. Hence serving the right quality of products, free from rich ingredients makes it easily edible and keep you energetic all day.

Reason 3: Our Sambars are made of Ingredients that make it Highly Nutritious and has the capacity to even act a curer for illnesses

Apart from the various nutrient and protein-rich ingredients, Sambar has Anti-Tumorigenic and Anti-Cancer properties. According to a recent article by Times of India (2017), the ingredients in sambar such as coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, turmeric powder, asafoetida, yellow dal, curry leaves increases its curing properties. Presence of dal and addition of mixed vegetables increases the iron content in food, making bowel movement easier too. Did you know our sambar cost most than our Idlies??

Reason 4: Free from preservatives, saturated Fats and Mono-sodium glutamate (MSG)

Adding preservatives for increasing shelf-life or adding mono-sodium glutamate which is a taste enhancer can make the food a lot tastier but can cause serious health issues in the longer run. MSG has carcinogenic properties and have a lot of legal regulation in many countries and in a few coutires it’s even banned. Hence we make sure we avoid all these ingredients to make it safer for our customers for their everyday meals.

Reason 5: Our food is batch cooked and made fresh every time.

According to HACCP practices, temperatures approximately ranging from 20 C to 60 C  are high risk temperature for food spoilage reducing its shelf-life drastically. Therefore, 90% of our products comes under this range and is crucial for us to serve our products safe and fresh.
With our fast-moving demand from our customers, our food is made in batches 5-6 times a day and NO item is served later than 4 hours or is carried over the next day. This makes our product fresh and retains its nutrient values.

Reason 6: If you think you are ‘NOT’ benefitting from eating at MIS. Think again!!

The food you spend to buy our products in our restaurants does a greater good. With the help of our customers we are able to support a workforce from 12 different states making it a secular place for our employees to work and a part of the funds contributes to their children’s education. This is truly possible by the collaboration of our customers.
 All the best in your everyday decisions and Happy eating!!

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