MIS opts to feed young minds through TED talks

The one thing about MIS is that we have always tried to differentiate ourselves from the other eateries in Bengaluru. The very thought to differentiate comes from the diversity of customers and workforce we support in our restaurants. This creates a need for us to offer something more than just good food!! “Education!!”. Apart from the food pictures and recipes being a part of the daily routine of eateries, we decided to make the hospitality industry more transparent by explaining the little concepts/happenings in a restaurant like ours, which our customers consume almost everyday. We are one of the early adopters of the latest trends in technology ranging from partnerships food delivery partners to a self-ordering Kiosk when the market was still conservative to such technologies. We always have kept our doors open for startups revolving food and helping them with our expertise. Here is one such initiative in helping empower young# minds.

Madurai Idly Shop (MIS) is proud to be associated with TEDx Whitefield Chapter in bringing you intellectual talks and art performances. Backed with powerful speakers and a young organizing team we present you the theme “PERCIPIENCE” meaning perceptiveness; having a sensitive insight or understanding. For more information please visit http://tedxwhitefield.com

About TEDx

Ideas worth spreading! The tagline of TED holds true in every aspect. TED is a celebration of unique thoughts and path breaking stories, stories which have the power to make a difference to the people and the society. The world has witnessed some of the most incredible speakers like Bill Gates , Larry Page , Nobel Prize winners and closer home even Shah Rukh Khan has given a TED talk recently. TED talks have been watched over one billion times worldwide. Keeping up with the spirit of TED we bring to you TEDxWhitefield where x= independently organized event. Experience the most inspiring and motivating talks and indulge in some food for thought at our event. We welcome you all to TEDxWhitefield 2017.

  1. Let’s talk about water: A desert speaks. | Arati Kumar-Rao

Arati sheds light on how ancient rainwater harvesting methods help the most remote villages in India despite the lack of rains. With such situations in Bengaluru, despite surplus rainfall, scarcity of water exists. What if people prepared to collect every drop of rain? Arati is an environmental journalist who has been documenting riverine ecologies, making long trips to the Sunderbans, following the course of the Ganga, travelling down the Cauvery to the Bay of Bengal, and recording the stories of the people and landscape sustained by these rivers.


2) How your birth shapes your life | S Anand

S Anand finds intriguing patterns in daily activities. From the number of births in a year to the names given to children, he explains how every activity is connected to a pattern and data. The human mind is much better suited to process pictures than numbers. Data visualization is about communicating the same message to our minds as a picture story rather than a table of numbers.


3) Dancing, Vulnerability and the present moment | Rukmini Vijayakumar

Rukmini Vijayakumar began her dance training at the age of eight, studying Bharatanatyam under Guru Narmada, Guru Padmini Rao and Guru Sundari Santhanam. She shares insights on dealing with vulnerability and how it takes determination, hard work and sweat to make dreams come true. Rukmini Vijayakumar began her dance training at the age of eight, studying Bharatanatyam under Guru Narmada, Guru Padmini Rao and Guru Sundari Santhanam and then practiced the Karanas for several years under Guru Sundari Santhanam. Rukmini holds a BFA degree from the Boston Conservatory in Ballet and Modern Dance, while she has also been trained in jazz, tap, African, choreography, laban movement analysis, Stagecraft and Human Anatomy at the Boston Conservatory.


4) The story of Saraswati Veena | Jayanthi Kumaresh

Often referred to as “The Queen of instruments” in the classical music of South India, the Saraswati Veena is an ancient instrument to have retained its exalted position in modern times. Dr Jayanthi gracefully shares the story of its inception and gives a mesmerizing performance. A collaborator, she has performed with legends such as Tabla Maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain, Violin Maestro Shri. R. Kumaresh, Hindustani Flautist Ronu Majumdar, Hindustani Violinist Kala Ramnath, Carnatic Musicians Bombay Jayashree, Sudha Ragunathan, and the like.A researcher, she holds a Doctorate for her work on “styles and playing techniques of the Saraswati veena” and conducts workshops and lecture demonstrations around the world.


5) Conscious Empathy: The future of Humanity | Priyanka Raina

Priyanka acquaints Bengalureans with the Gracia Raina Foundation. GRF works towards physical wellness of mother and child by providing the mother with knowledge about pregnancy, child care post birth and nutritional needs to keep them physically healthy. The Gracia Raina Foundation is the brainchild of Mrs. Priyanka Raina. Mrs.Raina along with her husband Suresh Raina came up with the Ngo which works closely with mother and child wellness.


6) The joy of art and technology | Vinay Hegde

Watch artist Vinay Hegde perform an impressive glowart session, after which he talks in detail about glow and glowart and other artforms he has explored. Vinay Hegde is a 3D Modeller, Sculptor, Speed painter and a Performing artist based in Bangalore. He is a graduate from Vancouver Film School, Canada and has the Jedi Masters from The Lucasfilm Animation, Singapore. Vinay Hegde was worked as a CG artist and has been a part of many movie projects by Dreamworks Animations India and Lucas Film Animation, Singapore.


7) My neighborhood, My responsibility. Whitefield Rising | Nitya Ramakrishnan

Whitefield Rising is a citizens’ movement that provides a platform for residents to engage in a meaningful way for community impact. Nitya shares the entire process of the foundation of ‘Whitefield Rising’ and how it can be replicated in any other community. Nitya is representing Whitefield Rising, a citizens’ movement that provides a platform for residents to engage in a meaningful way for community impact. Ranging from green initiatives to civic improvements to citizens helping citizens, residents volunteer their time and effort to identify solutions to everyday issues.

8) Breaking 5 Myths of online grocery shopping | Abhinay Choudhari

BigBasket is an Indian online grocery and food products provider in India. Abhinay breaks some of the subtle Indian myths of online grocery shopping, trust on on-time delivery, return policies and more. Abhinay Choudhari is the Co-founder & Head of New Initiatives at #Bigbasket During the last five years of its launch in December 2011, #BigBasket has emerged as India’s leading online grocer with presence across 12 cities. Abhinay guided his company from initial stages to one of the leading online grocers in India. Prior to this he had set up Stylecountry.com in year 2000 and run pure play e-tailing business in India for branded personal lifestyle products by building alliances with 30 leading personal lifestyle brands of India in categories like apparels, accessories, watches, footwear etc.


Happy Watching!!

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