Ven Pongal 


A breakfast delicacy made of rice, clarified butter (Ghee), roasted cashew nuts  and some pepper to spice up. It is accompanied with Chutney and Sambar.




Traditional breakfast dish of south India. It is round cake-like, two to three inches in diameter. It is made from fermented batter consisting of rice and fermented black-lentils, which is steam cooked to form these cakes. It is served hot and typically accompanied with Sambar and Chutney.


Kothu Paratha


Kothu Paratha is a delicacy originated in Virudhunagar (Tamil Nadu). It literally means ‘Minced Paratha’, consist of paratha, vegetables and Korma (Spicy Sauce) mixed together in Dosa Tawa and served with veg curry and Raitha. It comes with additional toppings (Paneer, Mushroom).


Kuzhi Paniyaram


Kuzhi Paniyaram, has similar constituents in its batter as Idli and Dosa, with an exception. the batter is mixed with either jaggery for sweetness or seasoning for spice and is tawa cooked with oil/ghee in small round moulds.


Vada Curry

A famous South Indian Curry accompanied with dosa, idli or parathas. It is made of desicating vada to pieces and added to a special gravy making it a semi-dry dish.


Tirunelveli Halwa


As the name suggests, its a sweet dish originated from a place called Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu). The dish is made of wheat, ghee, cashew nuts and sugar to sweet it up. It tastes best when served hot.


Pure Filter Coffee


A pure south Indian filter coffee with a secret recipe served in the authentic copper vessel (Dabbra set). we are sure you will come for more.